Munt Thee is Moving!

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Image via @amsterdamize

Actually the site is transforming into something else completely. My lovely blog about Amsterdam has lead me to two wonderful jobs writing and obsessing about this city, first at I amsterdam and now at Amsterdam Magazine. Though I still love to explore and share tidbits about Amsterdam, doing it for work full-time has made it exhausting to sit at home and do the same thing again. My own personal site should be fun and not feel like too much work! So I’ve decided to set up shop over at to showcase my biggest obsession: art & design. Amsterdam will still be mentioned but with more of  a visual/creative angle. So if you like all things visual and creative, head on over to my new site!

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Yummy Video Update

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Maangchi’s Gapshida video is finally up! Enjoy :).

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Handmade Amsterdam

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Since I’ve opened my shop on Etsy, I’ve become obsessed with browsing through all the awesome products people make by hand. I want to fill my house up with etsy art, drink out of etsy mugs, wear vintage etsy boots, I’ve gone into insane-o etsy land. Here’s an Amsterdam inspired treasury list I made to highlight works that reflect this pretty city. Enjoy!


Love this original drawing by Yousentimentalidiot


Beautiful photograph of Vondel Park by Aboutlights


I’d rather have this fun rain instead of what’s really going on here. 3D paper cut by goshandgolly


I wish I made this cute mug! By Houseofharriet

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Etsy Greeting Cards

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After months of ruminating, my Etsy store has finally opened! I only have four holiday greeting cards at the moment but I plan to have many more prints, ceramics, and photography in 2012. Here’s my first attempt at designing greeting cards!





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Whiskey and Drive

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It was a night of tipsy fun at the Jameson Film Experience. The secret film was Drive! Have you seen it? If you missed the event, you can see the film and a bunch of others this week at Amsterdam Film Week.



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Antwerp, Belgium

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Took a weekend trip to Antwerp. Beer, shopping, waffles, beer, waffles, beer. The trip went something like that.


Antwerp_47 Antwerp_7

Spent more time taking pictures of my Airbnb host’s beautiful home than of the city. Isn’t it pretty?


This window is positioned next to the meat section in a supermarket. They keep it real.


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Maangchi in Amsterdam

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Was it real? Did my Korean chef idol Maangchi really come to Amsterdam and cook amazing Korean food with me? IT WAS GREAT! She’s even more awesome in real life, hilarious and full of energy. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to meet her and host the meet-up. Here’s Maangchi’s take on her trip to Amsterdam. And here are a few of my snapshots from the event. The actual cooking video will come out later after she’s back from her Gapshida travels.

Maangchi Came over_9

Breaking into dinner two hours before the party started. Oops.

Maangchi Came over_4 Maangchi Came over_5

Maangchi taught me all kinds of cooking tricks. Want to chop up garlic fast? Stomp on them with platforms!

Maangchi Came over_6

Don’t have a knife sharpener? Use a the bottom of a coffee mug!

Maangchi Came over_11

Making the video!

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Eating Food

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Drawings of my favorite hobby.

Ghost eating pizza


Eating Rice

Food illustration

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Jameson Film Experience: Oct 27

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In association with the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Jameson Film Experience will be hosting a nice evening of cinema, Djs, and of course whiskey on Thursday, October 27. The venue and programming is still a secret but I think it’s safe to say that you can’t really go wrong with movies and whiskey.


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Summer in Fall

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It was the hottest weekend since 1910 in Holland. This Texan was not complaining. Back to cold, windy Amsterdam.

summer in october

summer in october_1 summer in october_4

summer in october_2

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