NDSM North Amsterdam

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NDSM provides a really cool (mini) escape from the hustle of Amsterdam. It’s only a 5 minute (free!!!) ferry ride from Tasmanstraat or Central Central and is perfect for a little lounge in the sun. It’s basically a haven for artists, creative types and and people choosing to live below the borders of society.

NDSM, Netherlands

According to the NDSM website: A former shipyard on the northern banks of the IJ and larger than 10 football fields, the NDSM wharf is now a center for underground culture in Amsterdam. This huge area contains the NDSM hall, a hangar-like structure 20,000 sq. meters in area and 20 meters in height, and two historic ship slipways (Hellingen) housing workshops and artists’ studios.

NDSM, Netherlands

If you wander around the surrounding area, you’ll notice that bohemians and anarchists alike have taken to alternative living quarters from broken down buses, to abandoned buildings and manholes.  Make sure to check out Noorderlicht, which is a really cozy cafe with delicious snacks housed in an old greenhouse.

NDSM, Netherlands

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Burger Meester

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Burger Meester is not only unbelievably delicious but available at three different locations throughout the city and easy on the wallet (a feat here in Amsterdam). You can order a regular sized burger or a ‘mini’ for half the price, and the menu ranges from Lamb to Tuna and Pumpkin patties.

Having sampled the ‘Mini Trio’ for  €10.50, I can confidently recommend the FetaBurger, Meester Biefburger and a PompoenBurger (pumpkin).  Or if you’re opting for a healthy route, try their “Burger as a Main” where the burger patty can be served with a salad and no bun for €2 extra.

Check their addresses here, to find the closest one to home.

Burger Meester

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Lomography @ FOAM

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If you are reading this with no plans for this evening, go check out the LOMOGRAPHY FoamLab happening right now! Unfortunately the website is all in Dutch, but the basics are:

Friday, March 5 (TODAY)

from 20:00 to 00:00 at Foam

entrance is 5 euro.

There will be a screening of “The Lomo camera: Shoot from the hip” by Alex Graham, a Lomography playground (sounds fun) and some slideshows.  Also, make sure to check out ‘Kako da ne’ spinning some hysterical balkan beats in the Foam Cafe.


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EAH Pop-up store

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What exactly is a “pop-up” store, you ask?

According to the EAH! website: “The pop-up store is an initiative of designer Eva Anna Hekking, founder of EAH!, and NV Zeedijk, a dynamic organization which purchases properties in the centre of Amsterdam. Over the past years, the Zeedijk has positively transformed into an upcoming fashion area. Well-fitting within this upcoming new image, NV Zeedijk offered Eva Anna Hekking an empty space at the Zeedijk. As curator she restyled the place into a creative ‘underground’ exhibition versus shop-space.

The pop up shop essentially houses a new collection of young local designers each month, including women’s clothing, jewellery, furniture, linens, arts, lighting and baby clothes (helloooo colour-by-numbers baby jumpsuits!).

It’s located at Zeedijk 37 and make sure to drop by this Saturday, March 6th when they launch their newest collection with drinks and snacks.


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Five Days Off [Reminder]

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For those looking to get out this week and enjoy the early hints of Spring, make sure to check out 5 Days Off.

With over 80 different music acts, film, theatre and artistic facade projects (including Paradiso’s transformation into a Deep Sea Underwater World) 5 Days Off festival is a great way to welcome in the new month of March (Hurrah!)

Check the timetables here, and come join us for Hot Chip, Memory Tapes, The Bloody Beetroots and more on Saturday night!

5 Days Off Poster

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Niet Normaal

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What is normal and who decides this? This is the central question surrounding the exhibit : Niet Normaal on display in Amsterdam until March 7th.

As stated on their website, “Niet Normaal questions normality in a society that makes perfection the standard, in which market en economy create new social service groups and (bio) technological developments not only create chances but also limit them.”

Having been to the show last week, I was really impressed with the work on exhibition and the educational aspect behind most of the pieces. From video installations, to interactive works and life size photography, the international artists from all over the globe took the theme to heart and made the audience question this ambiguous concept of ‘normality.’


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