Spring Desktop Wallpaper

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Spring time reminds me of hooking up. All the animals crawl out of their caves and the mating begins. This wallpaper is dedicated to all the lovers in Amsterdam.

Spring time love

Download original size here.

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The Cubinator Project – Online Live Performance April 17

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Hey everyone, I’m going to need your participation soon! Marta Colpani and I are creating an art project called Cubinator that we realized for the seminar Scopic Regimes of Virtuality (New Media MA at the University of Amsterdam).

The actual performance will be available on cubinator.nl on the 17th of April at 19:00 (Amsterdam time). We will be live on a webcam for 24 hours on this webpage, and we will be building a paper structure for you. Every brick that you ask us to build will be only yours, and will be marked with the exact time of your submission.

You are kindly invited to participate!


Virtualization of our daily tasks, as well as of communication processes, social activity, production, economics, media consumption, etc. probably have more impact on our temporal and special awareness and sensorial processes than we normally realize. Sarah and I came to this conclusion during the research that we decided to undertake for the seminar Scopic Regimes of Vituality.  Our final project for this seminar attempts to focus on our altered perception of space and time, as a consequence of our frequent use of new (digital) media. Expanding on Munster’s book (2006), in particular on her chapter on digitality, where she discuss the idea of a “global digital time” and refers to the 24 hours economy, we aim to realize a work of performance to expose multiple layers of our distorted perception of time and space, which are produced by our use of digital media.

We want to argue that this new distorted perception of the space and time of production, and relative changes in our idea of “location”, “presence” and “distance”, alienate us from the physical space and time in various ways, some more subtle than others. First of all, we are barely aware of the technical infrastructure that is needed to support our daily virtual activities and the costs of its maintenance (in money, energy power, physical space for servers, employment in developing countries). We tend then to lose sight on the impact that our virtual activities have on economics and on the environment.

On another level, increase of virtual activities have great impact on our private lives as well. Our exploration of reality becomes increasingly mediated, abstracted from physical space, confined to few actual locations and simultaneously multiplied in new experiences we gain virtual access to. This results in a “colonization” of our time by activities whose relevance and value are arguable (Virilio, 1997) (surfing the web, jumping from one website to another, from one chat or SNS to another, literally sucked into a vortex of connectivity).

The Cubinator Project

Our project consists of two parts: one is mainly theoretical and the second part will result in a practical component that aims to expose the clash between space and time that we virtually experience while using digital media, and the real space and time of production and interaction that we tend to devalue more and more. Also the concepts of “location” and “distance” are hence involved.

The idea of time and space are profoundly intertwined in the new media experience. Anna Munster observes how speed more or less consciously becomes our new unit of measure for distance in the virtual realm. We tend to experience closeness when response (from a machine or another person using the medium) is very fast. Consequently, lag in response creates the effect of remoteness. In the globalized 24 hours economy, strongly supported by digital media, we are also prompted to believe that everyone or everything is always working and available for use or contact. Our interaction with a computational device somehow erases human constraints (our biological rhythms, our physical distances) in our imagination.

With our work (performance) we aim to expose the regimes of perception that virtuality engraves in our sensorial system. After exploring bodily perception, the relation between bodily perceived space (and time) and new digitally created space/ time parameters with a theory study, and analyzing other works of art that have been dealing with the same topics, we will try to produce a direct experience of these collisions between the physical and virtually perceived space.

Realization of the work (live online performance)

Our work will consist of an online performance in 24 hours. Therefore, we will need to design the following elements: web interface (where the audience can easily interact with us), the real physical space (room) where the action will take place, the action that will be produced as a result of the interaction, and how to exhibit, if so, the end product afterwards.

Our performance will take place in a room, where we will build some pointless structure with small origami paper boxes, according to the instructions of the participants. The participants can follow us for 24 hours straight, live on webcam on the webpage and they can “order” us to make a box and put it in the structure through a simple button on the same webpage. Likely, the performance will produce a paper construction that will be destroyed afterwards, with absolutely no utility. If only few people will participate, the paper structure will be smaller, while the larger the number, the performance will be even more exhausting for us.

With the performance, we aim to produce commentary to the actual time, space, and labor that occurs on the Internet, symbolically materialized in ourselves, as well as on the use of time online, oscillating between the illusion of productivity and voyeurism. There will be a clear, almost literal reference to the 24 hour economy visualized in our 24 hour performance. This is also a commentary to crowdsourcing, democratization, and amateurization of the web where anyone can make something, build something, and is present in the work, which questions creativity and democratization in produsage.

The performance will take place on the 17th of April, at 19:00. You are kindly invited to participate!


Munster, A. Materializing New Media: Embodiment in Information Aesthetics. 2006 (Digitality)

Virilio, P. The Vision Machine. 1994

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Reflections of Amsterdam

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Amstersam specializes in beautiful photographs of reflections in Amsterdam. Many of the photographs are taken of puddles with people, buildings, and bicycles in the reflection. This is such an interesting way to incorporate all of the water in this city.  Even though I’m constantly splashing my legs with water on my bike,  I’ve never really thought of Amsterdam as a city of puddles until I came across this.  Check out his flickr profile for more Amsterdam reflections.




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Subbacultcha Magazine Party march 26

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Subbacultcha is hosting a party for a  their Magazine release this Friday. Groningen based band, Accadians will be performing at the Nieuw Anita. Show starts at 20:30, 6 euros and free if you are on the mailing list. Check out their magazine online here.

Picture 7

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Your Own Gallery Exhibition March 26

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Your Own Gallery a gallery aimed for contemporary young artists is throwing their first show this Friday evening. During a period of four months nine artists will be invited for an exhibition. Artist Gijs Kast will be the first to present his work with his exhibition titled Show, a series of illustrations drawn during shows.  An interview of Gijs can be found here. The show runs from 19:00-22:00 and located on Oude Waal 35. Your Own Gallery is open Monday-Friday from 10:00-18:00.




scream from Gijs Kast on Vimeo.

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Blow: Maria Roosen

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Last week, I randomly stumbled upon a gallery opening and decided to take a peek inside  I ended up discovering some intriguing pieces.  Gallery Fons Welter has a new art opening of abstract nature based glass sculptures by artist Maria Roosen from 13 Mar 2010 – 24 Apr 2010. The gallery is located on Bloemstraat 140, 1016 lj Amsterdam.

Maria Roosen’s works are produced by what is given – natural elements, such as trees and the effect of the material, glass – and what she adds as an artist – human elements, manipulation, and imagination. The resulting interaction, between the givens, influence, and spontaneity, comes into play in Maria Roosen’s works as soon as the glass-blower fills them with breath, by blowing.

Gallery  amsterdam_1

Gallery  amsterdam_12

Gallery  amsterdam_10

Gallery  amsterdam_2

Gallery  amsterdam_8

Gallery  amsterdam_11

Gallery  amsterdam

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Marielle Videler: Blinded Tourist

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A really interesting art exhibition called Blinded Tourist hosted by Marielle Videler opens today!


From Sunday 21 until Sunday 28 March a small settlement of paper huts inhabited by four artists and their hostess, Mariëlle Videler, will take up residence in the middle of the rear space of W139. Selected from 59 hopefuls responding to an international Open Call, none of the guests have been to Amsterdam before. They will be picked up from the airport and station, blindfolded, and taken to the Warmoesstraat where, for the full 8 days of BLINDED TOURIST, they will not leave the building. Marielle Videler gives her four guests an environment largely designed and created by herself. They will get to know the city through her and the experts she has selected. During their stay, the blinded tourists will be in W139 where viewers can observe and visit them during opening hours. On Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 March they will give a presentation of their findings. We invite you to come to W139 on Sunday 28 March at 16:00 hour for a drink and to say good-bye to Davide, Henrique, Caroline and ZhouBin.

Sunday 21 till Monday 29 March 2010
W139, Warmoesstraat 139, Amsterdam, NL
Opening hours: 11:00-19:00 hr.

Concept and execution: Mariëlle Videler

Zhou Bin (China)
Caroline Doherty (USA)
Henrique César de Oliveira (Brazil)
Davide Savorani (Italy)

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Electrosmog Festival

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The Electrosmog Festival, an international festival for sustainable immobility is happening all day today and now the conference is FREE. All talks and art showings are held at De Balie and all events are being streamed live online.

The ElectroSmog festival is a critique of the worldwide explosion of mobility, and an exploration of the new forms of connectedness with others offered to us by network and communication technologies.Our question is if these new forms of connectedness can help us to develop a viable new lifestyle less determined by speed and constant mobility, which is both ecologically and socially more sustainable.


Tonight’s art program includes:


Participatory performance by Karen lancel & Hermen Maat
Daily: 9.00 – 11.00 & 20.00 – 22.00 hrs CET (GMT+1)
Venues: De Balie, Amsterdam / Banff Center for the Arts / Dunedin, New Zealand


Urban Wilderness Action Center – John Cohrs (with Eyebeam New York)

Venues: Eyebeam, New York / Skulpturenpark Berlin / De Balie, Amsterdam / Remote: London
Online linkup between New York, London, Berlin, and elsewhere will take place at 21.00 CET (GMT+1).
Follow live updates from each city on Twitter at #uwac from 15.00 – 24.00 CET (GMT+1).


NomadicMILK project

Art project and installation by Esther Polak
Venue: De Balie, Amsterdam (exhibition)


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Jerry Springer Rodeo Recap

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Mediamatic’s opening night of  “The Great Jerry Springer Rodeo” was quite a success. There was chair launching, interactive prayer booths, grotesque over-the-top colourful artwork and a pillow lounge in the basement. Show runs untill the 25th of April. Open daily from 13:00. Located on Vijzelstraat 68.

Eight young infamous artists will show us their thoughts on fifteen years popular image culture. Interactive installations as a result. You can throw chairs or get back at your ex. Just let yourself go, feel no shame.

Participating Artists: Wayne HorseMorcky TroublesOttographLeypSuper SuleSjocoSjon,Gestift en Lamelos.

Mediamatic amsterdam_4

Mediamatic amsterdam_1

Mediamatic amsterdam

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SLAVE Party at Supperclub Tonight

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I’m Posting this a little late but tonight the Supperclub and SLAVE will host a great program of arts, culture, music and food.

A place, a space for visual art, performance art, film, dance, spoken-word, poetry, presentations, talk shows, debates and social networking.

This Sunday SLAVE will be programmed by Marjolein Vogels from festival ‘Why not!’ in artspace W139 and the organisation Meisjes Zonder Smaak.

Signe Tollefsen and The Woodwards will be playing a set each. Video work by Film director Joris Hoebe: Gravity part 3 (dancemovie, 2009), Stort (artmovie, 2008). Contemporary dancer Eva Baumann will give you a glimpse of magic.
Doors open at 18:00. Program starts at 18:30

Les Moules
Made In June
The Pony Peaches
The Kevin Spacies
Live performance by Signe Tollefsen and The Woodwards
dance by Eva Baumann

The guestlist will close at 20:00.

Date: March 14th
Time: 18:00 – 01:00
Place: Supperclub, jonge roelensteeg 21, Amsterdam
Entrance: 5 euros




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