Yummy Video Update

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Maangchi’s Gapshida video is finally up! Enjoy :).

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Whiskey and Drive

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It was a night of tipsy fun at the Jameson Film Experience. The secret film was Drive! Have you seen it? If you missed the event, you can see the film and a bunch of others this week at Amsterdam Film Week.



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Jameson Film Experience: Oct 27

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In association with the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Jameson Film Experience will be hosting a nice evening of cinema, Djs, and of course whiskey on Thursday, October 27. The venue and programming is still a secret but I think it’s safe to say that you can’t really go wrong with movies and whiskey.


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Photographer Lele Saveri

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Loving these photographs by Italian photographer Lele Savari.  The series below is titled “Villa Fiorita Psychiatric Institute.” I’m inspired to go out and take more photo stories in Amsterdam.





Here’s his story in the series Kids in Italia by 55DSL:

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Voyage à Paris

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A spontaneous trip. An adventurous ride with a Dutch trucker and 14 hours of hitchhiking later, we finally made it to beautiful Paris! I never desired to see this city, the allure of romance and history never really appealed to me. I came with low expectations and left filing this little trip as one of the best holidays I’ve ever experienced. Maybe it was because I was there with some really cool people, or maybe Paris is all that it’s cracked up to be.

Now, 8 months later we finished editing the footage from our trip. Music by Arun Sood, and the sexy French voice is Julie Fraysse.

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Ode to Albert Heijn

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For all you expats who are forced to visit AH every single day, this is for you.

Here’s to an AH experience on Acid

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Buddhist Film Festival October 8-10

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The Buddhist film festival Europe will be held in Amsterdam’s Tuschinski theater this weekend.  The two-day event is a platform for feature films, documentaries and television programs that are inspired or influenced by Buddhism. The festival opens with a screening of Takahashi Banmei’s ‘Zen‘, a fascinating look into the life and times of 13th-century monk Dogen, founder of the Soto sect in Zen Buddhism. Other highlights include Rob Epstein’s acclaimed biopic of Allen Ginsberg ‘Howl‘ and John J. Healey’s documentary ‘The Practice of The Wild‘, which traces the career of Buddhist poet and environmentalist Gary Snyder.  Whether you are a devout monk, a film buff or merely an intrigued onlooker, the scheduled films are diverse and interesting enough to keep everyone happy and at peace. Feel the Zen.

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Camera Japan Festival October 7-13

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An art festival about Japan in Amsterdam?!  The Camera Japan Festival is on it’s fifth year of celebrating everything Japanese. There will be feature films, dance, anime, food, music, documentaries, and exhibitions! It will be held from October 7-13 at the Melkweg and Kriterion.

candied apple-3 candied apple-2

Here’s what I’m excited about:

Lullatone, the amazing pajama pop band will perform a free show at the Kriterion, Friday October 8 at 21:00.

Feature Film: Noriben – The Recipe of Fortune, playing Saturday October 9 at 13:30 Kriterion.

Brunch & Movie! The feature film “Pool” or “Puru” will be screened alongside an oishii Japanese style brunch for only 10 euros! Sunday October 10 at 11:00, Kriterion.

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Hup Holland!!!!!!

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Queens Day part twee. We’re in the final game!!

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Amsterdamned (This City is Murder)

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