Antwerp, Belgium

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Took a weekend trip to Antwerp. Beer, shopping, waffles, beer, waffles, beer. The trip went something like that.


Antwerp_47 Antwerp_7

Spent more time taking pictures of my Airbnb host’s beautiful home than of the city. Isn’t it pretty?


This window is positioned next to the meat section in a supermarket. They keep it real.


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Malaga in Pictures

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My second attempt at travel photography is now published in the latest issue of Schiphol Magazine. This time I was lucky enough to join a press trip to Malaga, Spain during the Feria festival. The sun, the food, the people, it was all pretty great. Where else can you take naps everyday and eat ham on the beach? To read a proper article about Malaga, check out the report by Arun Sood here (p.30).

Malaga_120 Traditional dancing during the Feria Festival.

Malaga_11 Malaga_30 Parties everywhere on the streets. Look at the dresses!Malaga_193 Beaches in the middle of the city.

Malaga_14 A wine pourer at El Pimpi, a famous Tapas restaurant.Malaga_255 My first and last viewing of a bull fight. A big spectacle that occurs every night during the festival.

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Adventures in North Uist

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A holiday to North Uist lead to my first professional travel photography gig for Schiphol Magazine. North Uist is one of the islands off the West coast of Scotland. We started from Aberdeen in the east and drove through the highlands to the Isle of Skye, and finally a ferry to this beautiful little island. No traffic lights, no internet, just serene nature for a week. To read more about North Uist, check out the travel report by Arun Sood here (p.60).

North Uist_117

Beautiful horses in Lochmaddy.

North Uist_231

A view of Vallay dusk, an uninhabited Island that can be reached by walking across the water when the tides are down.

North Uist_140

The famous Vallay House, now abandoned on the tidal island.

North Uist_175 North Uist_234

Fiona piping away. Arun and Maggie walking towards Vallay Island.

North Uist_41

Doesn’t it look like a tropical island? It’s Scotland!

Highland Cow

Highland cows roaming around a village like they own the place.

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