Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas from lovely Scotland! Hope everyone is enjoying the day!


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Snow Daze

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This Texan is walking like a penguin in this foreign substance called snow. Sure does look pretty though.

snow day_14

snow day_4

snow day_2

snow day

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The Party Huis

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My roomies and I have made several attempts to try and transition from our grad studenty lives to working responsible adults. We tried to make our non-student apartment look classy and DWELLesque, but with the frequent birthday celebrations and dinner parties, the house is becoming tackier with streamers, banners, and balloons. Truth is, nothing seems to have changed except trading in going to school with going to work.

balloons room_1

balloons room_4

balloons room_3

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Flower Bike

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I’ve lived here for over a year and I’ve just managed to attach a basket on my bike. Next step is to pimp it up like this awesome fiets and turn my ride into a full blown garden. It’ll probably take another year before I get around to it. Nonetheless, I love bikes like these. Saw this one parked on Singel.

Amsterdam Magazine flower bike

Amsterdam Magazine flower bike_2

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R.I.P. Solomon Burke

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The King of Rock and Soul Solomon Burke died at Schipol Airport Amsterdam on Sunday. What a shitty place to die. He was scheduled to perform today with the Dutch band of De Dijk. Rest in Peace.

Solomon Burke

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Amsterdam top 5 free – WIFI café’s

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By Yuli Linssen-Kaminitz

There is nothing more romantic or refreshing than a weekend getaway in Amsterdam. The city offers everything from: stunning surroundings, legendary museums, (Van Gogh and Rembrandt) stylish bars and an overall feeling of serenity and peace. Unfortunately, the rain is also no stranger in this beautiful European city- it’s actually popping by quite often. Even though a little bit of rain never killed anyone, it is always good to find some nice, alternative activities to do indoor. After you spent your entire budget on museums, tours and of course shopping- it is time to do something free for a change. Amsterdam has a lot of nice café’s which not only offer relaxed and cozy atmosphere, it’s also provide free WIFI connection! Take a look at the top 5 Amsterdam- café’s with free WIFI access and enjoy surfing with a big cup of hot chocolate!

1. Bagels & Beans
Address: Waterlooplein 2


The Bagel & Beans are famous for their delicious bagels and excellent cappuccinos. The combination of fresh food, huge coffee cups, (something which is not common is Amsterdam!) good service and central location makes this place truly addictive! Visit the address mentioned above, (please note that not all branches offer free WIFI) order one of their famous cream- cheese bagels and enjoy the rest of your rainy day!

2. Canvas
Address: Wibautstraat 150


Even though it is a bit outside the center, Canvas café’/ bar/ night club- is totally worth visiting! Located on the 7th floor, you will be able to get a total overview of the beautiful city of Amsterdam. The place gets open every day from 11 in the morning, (12 o’clock on weekends) and closing time is only at 1 o’clock at night! On the weekends the Canvas turns into a trendy night club with smashing parties and beautiful people.

3. Casa Brazuca
Address: Rijnstraat 22


The Casa Brazuca- (“Brazilian House” in Portuguese) is a nice, Brazilian café’ which is well-known for its happy- vibe and delicious meals. A quick look at the menu will prove to you that you got to the right place: fruit juices made from the most exotic fruits found in the Netherlands, fresh coffee, cassava cheese bread and many more treats. In between bite to bite try to remember the real reason why you came here: the free WIFI!

4. Night bar Amsterdam Café the bottle
Address: Oudebrugsteeg 25 –III

Just few minutes from the famous Dam- square, in one of the liveliest alleys in the city, you will be able to find the famous “Café’ the bottle”. This typical Amsterdam bar is located inside a historic building which is more than 400 years old. The atmosphere in general is laidback, multicultural and mainly fun. You will meet there all kind of friendly people who will be happy to have a drink with you or to just let you be, while you are busy surfing the net.

5. Lungoccino Espresso bar
Address: Heisteeg 5


This coffee place is extremely popular with local Amsterdam people. If you happen to pass by during rush hours, (9 in the morning or 12 in the after-noon) you will see a long line of people waiting to get their favorite coffee. Lungoccino itself is a tiny café’ with not too much decoration, but it is cozy, intimate and serve the best coffee in town!

Don’t forget to book your hotel in Amsterdam in advance! Visit and check out their latest deals!

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The Dam Biker #7 Papercut Bike

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Found some really cool bike art through my friend Taylor’s Blog. Artist Jayme McGown of Roadside Projects makes whimsical 3D paper art. The first image below reminds me of Amsterdam even though the girl is in a sundress and there are mountains in the background.

Print - The Trick Rider

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Camera Japan Festival Today!

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I know I already posted about the Camera Japan Festival but there’s one live act I’m particularly looking forward to. In his daytime job, Kishino Yuichi is a professor of sound design at Tokyo University. By night, however, Yuichi transforms into his glamorous French alter ego La Veuve Moustachue for a highly entertaining and slightly raunchy cabaret-style performance!

Date/Location: Kriterion, Saturday October 9, midnight.


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Roopram Roti Surinamese Food

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Finally, some delicious and cheap food in Amsterdam! I know I just wrote about how bad the food is in this city but this place rules! Roopram is a Surinamese cafe located between Oosterpark and Dappermarkt. From what I can tell, Surinamese food is very similar to Indian cuisine. Lots of spicy meat and vegetarian dishes accompanied with roti. Prices range between 4 to 8 euros and the food is delicious. It is so popular among the Surinamese locals that there is almost always a huge line, sometimes coming out the door. The first time I tried t eat there I was turned away because they ran out of food! Don’t get discouraged by the line because they have very fast service. I’ve tried a few other Surinamese restaurants in the hood and this one is by far the tastiest.

Hours: Tues-Sat 14.00 -21.00, Sun 15.00-21.00, closed Mon.

Location:  Eerste van Swindenstraat 4 1093 GC Amsterdam


Photograph taken by Cherry.

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Buddhist Film Festival October 8-10

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The Buddhist film festival Europe will be held in Amsterdam’s Tuschinski theater this weekend.  The two-day event is a platform for feature films, documentaries and television programs that are inspired or influenced by Buddhism. The festival opens with a screening of Takahashi Banmei’s ‘Zen‘, a fascinating look into the life and times of 13th-century monk Dogen, founder of the Soto sect in Zen Buddhism. Other highlights include Rob Epstein’s acclaimed biopic of Allen Ginsberg ‘Howl‘ and John J. Healey’s documentary ‘The Practice of The Wild‘, which traces the career of Buddhist poet and environmentalist Gary Snyder.  Whether you are a devout monk, a film buff or merely an intrigued onlooker, the scheduled films are diverse and interesting enough to keep everyone happy and at peace. Feel the Zen.

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