Handmade Amsterdam

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Since I’ve opened my shop on Etsy, I’ve become obsessed with browsing through all the awesome products people make by hand. I want to fill my house up with etsy art, drink out of etsy mugs, wear vintage etsy boots, I’ve gone into insane-o etsy land. Here’s an Amsterdam inspired treasury list I made to highlight works that reflect this pretty city. Enjoy!


Love this original drawing by Yousentimentalidiot


Beautiful photograph of Vondel Park by Aboutlights


I’d rather have this fun rain instead of what’s really going on here. 3D paper cut by goshandgolly


I wish I made this cute mug! By Houseofharriet

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Odd Designs

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I recently visited a cool interior design shop that’s tucked away in the residential area of the Baarsjes called Store Without A Home. Its a fun semi permanent pop-up shop that is also partly a design gallery. Young designers are able to showcase their work as well as established international labels. I particularly love the drawing below by Manja van der Storm and all the fun fabrics by Marimekko. The store is located on Cabotstraat 1.

Unlock Design_7

Unlock Design_11 Unlock Design_6

Unlock Design_3

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I’m on a boat!

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YEAH DATS RIGHT. I’m living it up Dutch style on a houseboat underneath a windmill. Definitely moved on up from my old shipping container home.





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Two Days of Summer Heaven

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For exactly two days, Summer came. Its raining now. Summer must be over. Below is my beautiful front yard turned swimming pool!
Front Yard_5
Front Yard_2
Front Yard_1
Front Yard

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Amsterdam Roots Festival

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Sun. Free Festival. Eastside. Yessssss.

Amsterdam Roots Festival_21 Amsterdam Roots Festival_23Amsterdam Roots Festival_9

Amsterdam Roots Festival_4 Amsterdam Roots Festival_1

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Snow Daze

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This Texan is walking like a penguin in this foreign substance called snow. Sure does look pretty though.

snow day_14

snow day_4

snow day_2

snow day

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Flower Bike

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I’ve lived here for over a year and I’ve just managed to attach a basket on my bike. Next step is to pimp it up like this awesome fiets and turn my ride into a full blown garden. It’ll probably take another year before I get around to it. Nonetheless, I love bikes like these. Saw this one parked on Singel.

Amsterdam Magazine flower bike

Amsterdam Magazine flower bike_2

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Spend 1000 Euros in Amsterdam

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Here’s a way to possibly get some quick cash in this expensive city. I amsterdam is currently running a contest called “My 1000” where they are looking for people to enter video, images, or the written word explaining how and where you would spend 1000 euros in Amsterdam. Pretty simple. The contest runs till Friday, November 12.

Friends and family, enter this competition and come see me in Amsterdam!

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There’s a Beach in Amsterdam!

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I’m not sure if we’re going to have any more swimmable hot days in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, it seems like the warmest days of summer have passed. In case there is another hot day, I’ll let you know about a nice beach biking distance from the city center!

I discovered the Blijburg Beach last week when biking through my new neighborhood in the oost. The beach is really nice, not nearly as crowded as Zaandvoort, and super close to Amsterdam.

You can get there really quickly by hopping on Tram 26 from central station in the direction of ijburg or you can ride your bike. From central station go behind the station and head east for about 30-40 minutes on the same road, the road will start as De Ruyterkade, then turn into Piet Hienkade, and then eventually into ijburglaan. You will start to see beachy areas and there are plenty of bike signs that lead you straight to the beach!

Here’s a map of your final destination.
View Larger Map

Amsterdam july_15

Hot and sunny, doesn’t even look like Amsterdam.

Amsterdam july_16

Amsterdam july_17

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Hup Holland!!!!!!

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Queens Day part twee. We’re in the final game!!

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