Etsy Greeting Cards

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After months of ruminating, my Etsy store has finally opened! I only have four holiday greeting cards at the moment but I plan to have many more prints, ceramics, and photography in 2012. Here’s my first attempt at designing greeting cards!





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Living in the Thirties

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Check out this house I had to photograph for work last month. This lady is obsessed with the 1930s era and transformed her house completely into a vintage home. She has an old thirties oven, a rotary phone,  and even the newspaper next to her lazy chair is from the last century. It felt more like walking into a Dutch oldies film set than a real life home. You can read the full story by Marieke Verhoeven here.

KnockKnock 11_29

KnockKnock 11_16 KnockKnock 11_19KnockKnock 11_22

KnockKnock 11_2 KnockKnock 11_12KnockKnock 11_20

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Exhibit Your Art at Central Station

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Hey creative peeps, want your art up on display for  thousands of people to admire? The Edits Design Contest lets designers submit a piece of artwork inspired by an Amsterdam museum. Eight winners are chosen per round and will be able to have a temporary exhibition displayed in front of central station. The next round will start on November 15. Submit your work here.


Nouch inspired by SMART Project Space

Stefan Glerum

Stefan Glerum inspired by the Van Gogh Museum

Rolf Coppens

Rolf Coppens inspired by NIMK

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NDSM North Amsterdam

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NDSM provides a really cool (mini) escape from the hustle of Amsterdam. It’s only a 5 minute (free!!!) ferry ride from Tasmanstraat or Central Central and is perfect for a little lounge in the sun. It’s basically a haven for artists, creative types and and people choosing to live below the borders of society.

NDSM, Netherlands

According to the NDSM website: A former shipyard on the northern banks of the IJ and larger than 10 football fields, the NDSM wharf is now a center for underground culture in Amsterdam. This huge area contains the NDSM hall, a hangar-like structure 20,000 sq. meters in area and 20 meters in height, and two historic ship slipways (Hellingen) housing workshops and artists’ studios.

NDSM, Netherlands

If you wander around the surrounding area, you’ll notice that bohemians and anarchists alike have taken to alternative living quarters from broken down buses, to abandoned buildings and manholes.  Make sure to check out Noorderlicht, which is a really cozy cafe with delicious snacks housed in an old greenhouse.

NDSM, Netherlands

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SLAVE Sunday Supper Club Fun!

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My lovely friend Andre has been hosting SLAVE at the Supper club every sunday  for the past couple of months and they have been ALOT fun. If you love art, good food, dancing, and listening to great Djs, you will have a good time!

The evening program on May the 9th is Guest Curated by Heido Lobato, director of the Africa in the Picture Film Festival. She will be screening one of her favorite African shorts and provide you with a little preview of the upcoming 2010 Africa in the Picture festival.

Live performances by Lake Montgomery (singer songwriter); Born and raised in Paris Texas. Influenced and inspired by Nina Simone, Billy Holiday and Miriam Makeba and the countless old blues mammas that have kicked vocal ass in the past 100 years.

Spoken Word performance by Dutch MC Blaxtar; Blaxtar is a dutch rapper from Zwolle. He has been active in the dutch hiphop scene for 10 years already. In 2006 he released his first album “Ozmoses”. Followed by his second album “Chronozbaäl” in 2008 and most recently with his latest album OZMO6:2

Afterwards the Boogieman Crew will kick mad funk flavor and takes you on a ride across multiple genres, woven by Soulful vocals, lush piano chords, warm bass lines and boom-bap drum patterns.

Time: 18:00 – 01:00

Place: Supperclub, jonge roelensteeg 21, Amsterdam

Entrance: 5 euros




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Your Own Gallery Exhibition March 26

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Your Own Gallery a gallery aimed for contemporary young artists is throwing their first show this Friday evening. During a period of four months nine artists will be invited for an exhibition. Artist Gijs Kast will be the first to present his work with his exhibition titled Show, a series of illustrations drawn during shows.  An interview of Gijs can be found here. The show runs from 19:00-22:00 and located on Oude Waal 35. Your Own Gallery is open Monday-Friday from 10:00-18:00.




scream from Gijs Kast on Vimeo.

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Blow: Maria Roosen

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Last week, I randomly stumbled upon a gallery opening and decided to take a peek inside  I ended up discovering some intriguing pieces.  Gallery Fons Welter has a new art opening of abstract nature based glass sculptures by artist Maria Roosen from 13 Mar 2010 – 24 Apr 2010. The gallery is located on Bloemstraat 140, 1016 lj Amsterdam.

Maria Roosen’s works are produced by what is given – natural elements, such as trees and the effect of the material, glass – and what she adds as an artist – human elements, manipulation, and imagination. The resulting interaction, between the givens, influence, and spontaneity, comes into play in Maria Roosen’s works as soon as the glass-blower fills them with breath, by blowing.

Gallery  amsterdam_1

Gallery  amsterdam_12

Gallery  amsterdam_10

Gallery  amsterdam_2

Gallery  amsterdam_8

Gallery  amsterdam_11

Gallery  amsterdam

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Marielle Videler: Blinded Tourist

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A really interesting art exhibition called Blinded Tourist hosted by Marielle Videler opens today!


From Sunday 21 until Sunday 28 March a small settlement of paper huts inhabited by four artists and their hostess, Mariëlle Videler, will take up residence in the middle of the rear space of W139. Selected from 59 hopefuls responding to an international Open Call, none of the guests have been to Amsterdam before. They will be picked up from the airport and station, blindfolded, and taken to the Warmoesstraat where, for the full 8 days of BLINDED TOURIST, they will not leave the building. Marielle Videler gives her four guests an environment largely designed and created by herself. They will get to know the city through her and the experts she has selected. During their stay, the blinded tourists will be in W139 where viewers can observe and visit them during opening hours. On Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 March they will give a presentation of their findings. We invite you to come to W139 on Sunday 28 March at 16:00 hour for a drink and to say good-bye to Davide, Henrique, Caroline and ZhouBin.

Sunday 21 till Monday 29 March 2010
W139, Warmoesstraat 139, Amsterdam, NL
Opening hours: 11:00-19:00 hr.

Concept and execution: Mariëlle Videler

Zhou Bin (China)
Caroline Doherty (USA)
Henrique César de Oliveira (Brazil)
Davide Savorani (Italy)

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Jerry Springer Rodeo Recap

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Mediamatic’s opening night of  “The Great Jerry Springer Rodeo” was quite a success. There was chair launching, interactive prayer booths, grotesque over-the-top colourful artwork and a pillow lounge in the basement. Show runs untill the 25th of April. Open daily from 13:00. Located on Vijzelstraat 68.

Eight young infamous artists will show us their thoughts on fifteen years popular image culture. Interactive installations as a result. You can throw chairs or get back at your ex. Just let yourself go, feel no shame.

Participating Artists: Wayne HorseMorcky TroublesOttographLeypSuper SuleSjocoSjon,Gestift en Lamelos.

Mediamatic amsterdam_4

Mediamatic amsterdam_1

Mediamatic amsterdam

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SLAVE Party at Supperclub Tonight

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I’m Posting this a little late but tonight the Supperclub and SLAVE will host a great program of arts, culture, music and food.

A place, a space for visual art, performance art, film, dance, spoken-word, poetry, presentations, talk shows, debates and social networking.

This Sunday SLAVE will be programmed by Marjolein Vogels from festival ‘Why not!’ in artspace W139 and the organisation Meisjes Zonder Smaak.

Signe Tollefsen and The Woodwards will be playing a set each. Video work by Film director Joris Hoebe: Gravity part 3 (dancemovie, 2009), Stort (artmovie, 2008). Contemporary dancer Eva Baumann will give you a glimpse of magic.
Doors open at 18:00. Program starts at 18:30

Les Moules
Made In June
The Pony Peaches
The Kevin Spacies
Live performance by Signe Tollefsen and The Woodwards
dance by Eva Baumann

The guestlist will close at 20:00.

Date: March 14th
Time: 18:00 – 01:00
Place: Supperclub, jonge roelensteeg 21, Amsterdam
Entrance: 5 euros




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