Etsy Greeting Cards

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After months of ruminating, my Etsy store has finally opened! I only have four holiday greeting cards at the moment but I plan to have many more prints, ceramics, and photography in 2012. Here’s my first attempt at designing greeting cards!





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Snow Daze

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This Texan is walking like a penguin in this foreign substance called snow. Sure does look pretty though.

snow day_14

snow day_4

snow day_2

snow day

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Happy Holidays!

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In England for Christmas but back to posting about Amsterdam soon. Merry Christmas!


So many kids in Amsterdam have been attacking me with snowballs while I’m riding around the city. Little bullies.

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I <3 Snow

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It has been snowing everyday for almost a week in Amsterdam! I’m still a stupid Texan sliding around in my cowboy boots and falling over on my bike but I love it. I’ll take snow over rain any day.

snow  amsterdam_3

Cute snow monsters outside of my house.

snow  amsterdam_5

Old School

snow  amsterdam_21

The Petting Zoo!

snow  amsterdam_27

A really big snowball fight

snow  amsterdam_19

Furry pigs

snow  amsterdam_22

snow  amsterdam_25

More Snow Pictures here.

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Christmas Fair Albert Cuypmarkt

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This Saturday December 20th there will be a big Christmas Market at Albert Cuypmarkt from 10 am til 5 pm. I love Christmas Markets. Directions here.


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Funky Christmas Market in Westerpark

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It was pretty cute.

Funky x mas market amsterdam

Funky x mas market amsterdam_1

Funky x mas market amsterdam_5

A circus!

Funky x mas market amsterdam_4

Babies roasting marshmallows

Kids Ice skating with chairs

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Funky Christmas Market

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Designers and artists will sell their Christmas crafts at the annual Funky Christmas Market. The event will be held this Sunday, December 13 from 12:00-18:00 at the Westerpark. Admission is Free!


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