Exhibit Your Art at Central Station

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Hey creative peeps, want your art up on display for  thousands of people to admire? The Edits Design Contest lets designers submit a piece of artwork inspired by an Amsterdam museum. Eight winners are chosen per round and will be able to have a temporary exhibition displayed in front of central station. The next round will start on November 15. Submit your work here.


Nouch inspired by SMART Project Space

Stefan Glerum

Stefan Glerum inspired by the Van Gogh Museum

Rolf Coppens

Rolf Coppens inspired by NIMK

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Spend 1000 Euros in Amsterdam

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Here’s a way to possibly get some quick cash in this expensive city. I amsterdam is currently running a contest called “My 1000” where they are looking for people to enter video, images, or the written word explaining how and where you would spend 1000 euros in Amsterdam. Pretty simple. The contest runs till Friday, November 12.

Friends and family, enter this competition and come see me in Amsterdam!

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