Dam Square Chaos

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I was sitting in a cozy bar around the corner when this happened and missed the whole thing but during the Queen Beatrix’s speech on Tuesday for National Remembrance Day ceremony a 39-year-old crazy man put his arms above his head and started mumbling and screaming which sent thousands of people including the Dutch royal family fleeing for safety. Over 50 people were injured. Check out the videos below to see the chaos!

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (front left) flees during panic at minute's silence in Amsterdam

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Pillow Fight in Amsterdam April 3

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If you want to let out some aggression this Saturday, head to the Dam Square at 5pm for a giant pillow fight! I did this in Austin, Texas a few years back and it was a lot of fun. Below is the description from the facebook invite.


Every year World Pillow Fight Day is celebrated in many cities around the world. It is a free event that is all about fun. Last year Amsterdam participated for the first time and we all had a feathery blast :)

Our world is increasingly obsessed with regulations, security and commercialism. This threatens our freedom and creativity. That’s why we must reclaim the streets as a place where everybody can simply have fun – without meddling authorities or corporate sponsors. So grab your pillow and join the massive pillow fight on the Dam Square!

There are usually free after parties happening after the pillow fight that last deep into the night. Keep your eyes and ears open for some serious pyjama partying 😉

This is an event that is even more fun if you bring your friends. So invite them through the menu on the right. Everyone can join!

How to join the pillow fight in 5 easy steps:

0. Invite all your fluffy friends
If you hadn’t done so already :)

1. Dress for press and mess
Wear something photogenic and feather-proof.

2. Bring your own pillow
Soft pillows with feathers are the best!

3. Get there in time
Be there before 5pm and wait for the signal.

4. Fight fluffy
Swing subtly and don’t hit anyone without a pillow.

5. Clean up after yourself
Use public space responsibly. It is not ours only.

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Happy New Years!

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New Years 2009 amsterdam_9

New Years 2009 amsterdam_1

New Years 2009 amsterdam_4

New Years 2009 amsterdam_11

New Years 2009 amsterdam_14

New Years 2009 amsterdam_20

New Years 2009 amsterdam_27

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