Handmade Amsterdam

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Since I’ve opened my shop on Etsy, I’ve become obsessed with browsing through all the awesome products people make by hand. I want to fill my house up with etsy art, drink out of etsy mugs, wear vintage etsy boots, I’ve gone into insane-o etsy land. Here’s an Amsterdam inspired treasury list I made to highlight works that reflect this pretty city. Enjoy!


Love this original drawing by Yousentimentalidiot


Beautiful photograph of Vondel Park by Aboutlights


I’d rather have this fun rain instead of what’s really going on here. 3D paper cut by goshandgolly


I wish I made this cute mug! By Houseofharriet

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Odd Designs

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I recently visited a cool interior design shop that’s tucked away in the residential area of the Baarsjes called Store Without A Home. Its a fun semi permanent pop-up shop that is also partly a design gallery. Young designers are able to showcase their work as well as established international labels. I particularly love the drawing below by Manja van der Storm and all the fun fabrics by Marimekko. The store is located on Cabotstraat 1.

Unlock Design_7

Unlock Design_11 Unlock Design_6

Unlock Design_3

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Exhibit Your Art at Central Station

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Hey creative peeps, want your art up on display for  thousands of people to admire? The Edits Design Contest lets designers submit a piece of artwork inspired by an Amsterdam museum. Eight winners are chosen per round and will be able to have a temporary exhibition displayed in front of central station. The next round will start on November 15. Submit your work here.


Nouch inspired by SMART Project Space

Stefan Glerum

Stefan Glerum inspired by the Van Gogh Museum

Rolf Coppens

Rolf Coppens inspired by NIMK

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EAH Pop-up store

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What exactly is a “pop-up” store, you ask?

According to the EAH! website: “The pop-up store is an initiative of designer Eva Anna Hekking, founder of EAH!, and NV Zeedijk, a dynamic organization which purchases properties in the centre of Amsterdam. Over the past years, the Zeedijk has positively transformed into an upcoming fashion area. Well-fitting within this upcoming new image, NV Zeedijk offered Eva Anna Hekking an empty space at the Zeedijk. As curator she restyled the place into a creative ‘underground’ exhibition versus shop-space.

The pop up shop essentially houses a new collection of young local designers each month, including women’s clothing, jewellery, furniture, linens, arts, lighting and baby clothes (helloooo colour-by-numbers baby jumpsuits!).

It’s located at Zeedijk 37 and make sure to drop by this Saturday, March 6th when they launch their newest collection with drinks and snacks.


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Transnatural Exhibition at Trouw

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Nature and Technology collides through this art and design exhibition at Club Trouw. The opening will be held on Friday February 19 from 18. 00 to 22.00. Tickets are 7.50 Euros and includes entrance to the Multiplex party after the show.

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The Colors of Amsterdam

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Colour lovers is a site where designers and other color aficionados can create and search for interesting colors, palettes, and patterns. I started creating my own color palettes and decided to make a color palette for Amsterdam. Then I wondered what other people thought of Amsterdam in terms of color and discovered that people see all sorts of colors when they see Amsterdam!

my Amsterdam

My Amsterdam This is the way I see Amsterdam, green doors and green plants everywhere, gray blue skies, cream trimmings on houses, and bright and dark reds splashed throughout the city. Others see Amsterdam in a much more psychedelic or subdued way.

Amsterdam Acid

Amsterdam Acid

Amsterdam Apartment

Amsterdam Apartment

Amsterdam Canal

Amsterdam Canal

Amsterdam Tulips

Amsterdam Tulips

Amsterdam bikes

Amsterdam Bikes

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me you and everyone we know is a curator

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A symposium about quality in an age of visual overload. Bruce Sterling, Andrew Keen, Rick Poynor, and others will discuss the issue of growing online cultural production and this transition away from the traditional art galleries and museums.


“While museums are developing strategies to digitalise their collections, online cultural production is growing steadily, with hundreds of thousands of new images posted each day. A lot of potentially interesting work is being produced online, which never reaches the physical world. The distribution of this high quality work is increasingly decentralised, leaving museums, foundations and professional magazines at a loss on how to redefine their role as gatekeepers. On the other hand, the time spent daily behind the computer on internet networking is pushing the demand for a physical experience of our fleeting culture. Designers, artists, mediators and policy makers need to redefine their position, because new technologies define to a large extent today’s possibilities and means of presentation and archiving. The search is for new quality criteria, new frames of references, and alternative methods for enabling connections between the virtual and the physical space of today’s culture.”

The event will take place on Saturday December 12, 2009 at Paradiso. The fee is 25 Euros (10 Euros for students). Reserve tickets at symposium@graphicdesignmuseum.com or visit here.

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I Live in a Shipping Container

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Seriously. I live in a 25m2 shipping container in the Houthavens area of Amsterdam. There a few shipping container “villages” in Amsterdam to accommodate the large numbers of students living in the city. They are pretty well insulated and come with your own kitchen and bathroom.

Here is my little village of Containers


When I first arrived I was very nervous about living in this rectangular box.

Container room beforeAmsterdam

After a little trip to Ikea, Hema, and Blokker, I finally feel at home!

container after Amsterdam

container after Amsterdam_1

container after Amsterdam_3

container after Amsterdam_2

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