Buddhist Film Festival October 8-10

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The Buddhist film festival Europe will be held in Amsterdam’s Tuschinski theater this weekend.  The two-day event is a platform for feature films, documentaries and television programs that are inspired or influenced by Buddhism. The festival opens with a screening of Takahashi Banmei’s ‘Zen‘, a fascinating look into the life and times of 13th-century monk Dogen, founder of the Soto sect in Zen Buddhism. Other highlights include Rob Epstein’s acclaimed biopic of Allen Ginsberg ‘Howl‘ and John J. Healey’s documentary ‘The Practice of The Wild‘, which traces the career of Buddhist poet and environmentalist Gary Snyder.  Whether you are a devout monk, a film buff or merely an intrigued onlooker, the scheduled films are diverse and interesting enough to keep everyone happy and at peace. Feel the Zen.

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Camera Japan Festival October 7-13

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An art festival about Japan in Amsterdam?!  The Camera Japan Festival is on it’s fifth year of celebrating everything Japanese. There will be feature films, dance, anime, food, music, documentaries, and exhibitions! It will be held from October 7-13 at the Melkweg and Kriterion.

candied apple-3 candied apple-2

Here’s what I’m excited about:

Lullatone, the amazing pajama pop band will perform a free show at the Kriterion, Friday October 8 at 21:00.

Feature Film: Noriben – The Recipe of Fortune, playing Saturday October 9 at 13:30 Kriterion.

Brunch & Movie! The feature film “Pool” or “Puru” will be screened alongside an oishii Japanese style brunch for only 10 euros! Sunday October 10 at 11:00, Kriterion.

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Walk The Line Music Festival

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A pretty cool two-day music festival in The Hague called Walk the Line is happening this weekend on Friday May 14 and Saturday May 15. Over 40 acts including  AVI Buffalo, Bonobo, War Paint, Sleigh Bells will be performing in the city center in various squares, cafes, and clubs.  I also love  the festival’s web design. Tickets are 25 euros for a day pass and 40 euros for the whole event.


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Lift 10 Interactive Conference in Geneva

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Hi all. I’ll be leaving Amsterdam tomorrow to be a blogger for the Lift Interactive Conference in Geneva. The Conference will be held on May 5-7 and will focus on the topic “connected people”.

“Our next conference will gather one thousand participants to explore the most overlooked aspect of innovation: people. Known in techno-parlance as users, people ultimately define the success of all technological and entrepreneurial projects. Their approaches are unique, influenced by cultural and generational diversity. Let’s explore the myths and uncover the reality behind the “connected people”.

The conference will host sessions on:
Understanding the different uses of technologies by each generation.
The redefinition of privacy.
The dynamics of online communities.
The myths and realities of online politics.
The future of media.
Mobile platforms, business model design, travel 2.0, creativity, democracy, innovation, etc.

Over the next three days, I will be attending workshops and blogging about “Reinventing books, magazines and newspaper in the digital age”, “From virtual to real world value : Collective Intelligence as an alternate source of media power”, and “Social networks and TV : love-match or marriage of convenience?”. If you are interested in learning more about the conference follow me on the Masters of Media blog for the University of Amsterdam this week!

Posts related to Amsterdam will still be published this week.

Picture 1

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Movies That Matter Film Festival

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Movies That Matter Film Festival in association with Amnesty International begins on March 25-March 31 in The Hague. 70 feature films and documentaries will be screened along with talks and discussions. Check out the full list of films in the program and get your tickets here.


Here are some films that look extra interesting:

Yodok Stories

More than 200,000 men, women and children in North Korea imprisoned in concentration camps. Occasionally successful opponents of the dictatorial regime to unleash the to flee. Some of them now lives in Seoul, South Korea. Together they make a musical based on their experience in the Yodok concentration camp. Abuse, starvation and murder in the concentration on the order of the day. Only Few manage to survive, but the number residents of the camps continues to rate as a constant new ‘class enemies’ camps. Occasionally hitting those opponents of the regime to unleash the camp and North Korea to escape, for example Seoul. They decisions together a special and controversial musical to about their experiences in the Yodok concentration camp.

Suddenly, Last Winter

The international festivals winning, ironic “Suddenly, Last Winter” tells the story of Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi, the two makers of the film. Their lives are put on its head when the Italian government adopted a bill pending to gay couples and unmarried couples rights. The proposal provides a great national debate. A wave of homophobia is sweeping Italy.

The Sari Soldiers

When Devi, mother of a fifteen year old daughter, witnesses the murder of her cousin by the Royal Nepal Army, she decided to publicly speak out about this crime. That is not thanked her. The army retaliated by kidnapping her daughter. “The Sari Soldiers” follows Devi in her search for her daughter and her fight for justice. Besides Devi in the film are five other brave women who portrayed from different beliefs try to shape future of Nepal.

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Electrosmog Festival

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The Electrosmog Festival, an international festival for sustainable immobility is happening all day today and now the conference is FREE. All talks and art showings are held at De Balie and all events are being streamed live online.

The ElectroSmog festival is a critique of the worldwide explosion of mobility, and an exploration of the new forms of connectedness with others offered to us by network and communication technologies.Our question is if these new forms of connectedness can help us to develop a viable new lifestyle less determined by speed and constant mobility, which is both ecologically and socially more sustainable.


Tonight’s art program includes:


Participatory performance by Karen lancel & Hermen Maat
Daily: 9.00 – 11.00 & 20.00 – 22.00 hrs CET (GMT+1)
Venues: De Balie, Amsterdam / Banff Center for the Arts / Dunedin, New Zealand


Urban Wilderness Action Center – John Cohrs (with Eyebeam New York)

Venues: Eyebeam, New York / Skulpturenpark Berlin / De Balie, Amsterdam / Remote: London
Online linkup between New York, London, Berlin, and elsewhere will take place at 21.00 CET (GMT+1).
Follow live updates from each city on Twitter at #uwac from 15.00 – 24.00 CET (GMT+1).


NomadicMILK project

Art project and installation by Esther Polak
Venue: De Balie, Amsterdam (exhibition)


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International Film Festival Rotterdam

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The 39th edition of the International Film Festival in Rotterdam will be held on January 27th through February 7th. It looks like there is going to be tons of interesting films from all over the world. Here is the full list of films.

Here are a few I’m interested to see.

Air Doll

The Border

Your Home

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Amsterdam Burlesque Festival

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The first annual Amsterdam Burlesque Festival will take place over 4 days between November 19-22.  50 international entertainers will perform classic striptease, circus sideshow, and variety arts.  The Festival will be held in west Amsterdam in the Casblanca Circus Tent. Get your tickets here.

Picture 1

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Camera Japan Festival

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An art festival about Japan in Amsterdam?! Yay. The Camera Japan Festival celebrates everything Japanese. There will be feature films, dance, anime, food, music, documentaries, exhibitions and even a cosplay cafe! It will be held from October 1-7 at the Melkweg and Kriterion.

boy_02 girl_02

This film called Tokyo! looks amazing! Playing Friday night at the Kriterion at 19.30.

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PICNIC Interior Design

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I know many blog posts about the PICNIC conference from this weekend  have been floating around the web the past few days. Most of them discussing the topics covered by the speakers and the future of new media. I was however so blown away by the innovative interior design at PICNIC and felt it deserved some attention.

PICNIC Amsterdam

A scrolling, flashing light that said “Not Your Ordinary”. The main dome had several different areas set up like a digital utopian park.

PICNIC Twitter Tree Amsterdam

A Twitter tree. You can go up to a pillow, have a seat and connect your laptop/iphone and tweet about PICNIC. The tweets were displayed on a screen above the tree.

PICNIC video games Amsterdam

Guys playing video games instead of attending a conference session.

PICNIC Living Room Amsterdam

Psuedo living rooms were scattered about the conference.

A very entertaining performance art piece that occurred throughout the conference in different locations.

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