Ode to Albert Heijn

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For all you expats who are forced to visit AH every single day, this is for you.

Here’s to an AH experience on Acid

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Snow Daze

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This Texan is walking like a penguin in this foreign substance called snow. Sure does look pretty though.

snow day_14

snow day_4

snow day_2

snow day

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One Month in Amsterdam

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I have been in Amsterdam for about one month and it has been amazing. This two minute video below sums up my experience. The music is by The Books. Click here if you want to watch a bigger version.

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Saturday Noordermarkt

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My favorite market in Amsterdam is the farmer’s market at Noordermarkt. It takes place every Saturday in the Jordaan Neighborhood from 9am to 4pm.

man painting Noordmarkt Amsterdam

Fruit Noordmarkt Amsterdam

Julia Noordmarkt Amsterdam

Dried Fruit Noordmarkt Amsterdam

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The Truth About Amsterdam

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This video about Holland is hilarious! Its so interesting to see such extreme stereotypes of both cultures in these videos. Whenever I am in Texas, I find myself frequently defending Amsterdam as something more than a drug and sex playground but the same thing happens when I’m in Amsterdam. I have to explain that Texas is not full of a bunch of conservative Bill O’Reillys. Both places are extremely different but I have to say I love both The Netherlands and Texas, despite political differences.

This is Bill O’Reilly’s ridiculous depiction of Amsterdam.

This is the same video with a Dutch person adding his own depiction of Amsterdam.

And finally, This is Bill O’Reilly’s respond to his first video. The debate can go on forever…

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Drowning Bicycles

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There are about 700,000 bicycles in Amsterdam. 80,000 are stolen and 25,000 bicycles end up in the canals of Amsterdam each year! I guess I better not get too attached to my bike.

Drowning bike 1

Drowning Bike 2

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The Ij River

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container viewAmsterdam

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I Live in a Shipping Container

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Seriously. I live in a 25m2 shipping container in the Houthavens area of Amsterdam. There a few shipping container “villages” in Amsterdam to accommodate the large numbers of students living in the city. They are pretty well insulated and come with your own kitchen and bathroom.

Here is my little village of Containers


When I first arrived I was very nervous about living in this rectangular box.

Container room beforeAmsterdam

After a little trip to Ikea, Hema, and Blokker, I finally feel at home!

container after Amsterdam

container after Amsterdam_1

container after Amsterdam_3

container after Amsterdam_2

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