Hup Holland!!!!!!

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Queens Day part twee. We’re in the final game!!

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Spring Westerpark Amsterdam

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Loving the weather, loving Amsterdam.

westerpark Amsterdam

westerpark Amsterdam_2

westerpark Amsterdam_1

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The Dam Biker #4 Granny on a Not So Granny Bike

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Amsterdam lady on bike

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Blow: Maria Roosen

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Last week, I randomly stumbled upon a gallery opening and decided to take a peek inside  I ended up discovering some intriguing pieces.  Gallery Fons Welter has a new art opening of abstract nature based glass sculptures by artist Maria Roosen from 13 Mar 2010 – 24 Apr 2010. The gallery is located on Bloemstraat 140, 1016 lj Amsterdam.

Maria Roosen’s works are produced by what is given – natural elements, such as trees and the effect of the material, glass – and what she adds as an artist – human elements, manipulation, and imagination. The resulting interaction, between the givens, influence, and spontaneity, comes into play in Maria Roosen’s works as soon as the glass-blower fills them with breath, by blowing.

Gallery  amsterdam_1

Gallery  amsterdam_12

Gallery  amsterdam_10

Gallery  amsterdam_2

Gallery  amsterdam_8

Gallery  amsterdam_11

Gallery  amsterdam

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Coffeeshop Sanementereng

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I’m usually not a fan of spending my afternoons inside of coffeeshops here in Amsterdam because most of the time they are not inviting spaces to hang out in. They are usually located in touristy areas and are overcrowded with tourists and covered from ceiling to floor in tacky  black light marijuana leaf posters. But Coffeeshop Sanementenreng is really something else. Part coffeeshop, part antique store, and ALL awesomeness. It is hard to describe in words but if you’re into African masks, mannequins, maps, trinkets, feather, jewelry, and the cheapest hash you’ll find in town all overflowing in a cozy jordaan storefront, you will love this place. Located on Tweede Laurierdwarsstraat 44 Amsterdam.

  • Tweede Laurierdwarsstraat 44
  • 1016 RB Amsterdam
  • Coffeeshop amsterdam

    Coffeeshop amsterdam_7

    Coffeeshop amsterdam_2

    Coffeeshop amsterdam_4

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    In Search of the Perfect Neighborhood Bar

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    Last night the ol’gang went on a little pub crawl to discover our Jordaan neighborhood night life. We always bike by these little corner bars at night and they look so cozy inside. Here are a few gems we found.

    Cafe Thijssen on Brouwersgracht is a really nice, casual bar. They have tons of board games and is also a nice Cafe during the day. Its usually pretty packed on the weekends.

    Cafe Thijseen

    Cafe ‘t Smalle is a tiny super cozy brown bar right on the canal. Full of candles and regulars.

    Cafe Smalle

    Cafe Nol is possibly the strangest bar I have been to. You have to ring a bell to enter and the entire bar is tinted in red lighting. The music, the furniture, everything is pretty much stuck in 1973. I liked it though.

    Cafe Nol

    Cafe Nol_3

    Cafe Dulac is a really nice restaurant/bar on Haarlemmerstraat. We hung out in the smoking room upstairs. They have 50% off on dinner if you have a student id.


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    Saturday Noordermarkt

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    My favorite market in Amsterdam is the farmer’s market at Noordermarkt. It takes place every Saturday in the Jordaan Neighborhood from 9am to 4pm.

    man painting Noordmarkt Amsterdam

    Fruit Noordmarkt Amsterdam

    Julia Noordmarkt Amsterdam

    Dried Fruit Noordmarkt Amsterdam

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