Queens Day 2011

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Eight Scottish men, a German, a Dutch, and a few Americans all in orange costumes carrying flasks of whisky. Debauchery ensued.

Queens Day_37

Queens Day_32

Queens Day_5

Queens Day 2011

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Queens Day 2010

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Wow, didn’t realize a holiday celebrating the birthday of your old queen while selling junk on the streets and wearing orange could be so fun! Far surpassed my expectations! I highly recommend partaking in Queens day if you ever get a chance.

 Queens Day Amsterdam 2010_2

Boat parties all over the Jordaan

51 crew Queens Day Amsterdam 2010


 Queens Day Amsterdam 2010_6

Live concert out of a canal side window

 Queens Day Amsterdam 2010_7

hangin on the houseboat

 Queens Day Amsterdam 2010_13


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Queen’s Night at Supper Club

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My lovely friend Andre is hosting a fun party at Supper Club for Queens Night this thursday! I’ve been watching Andre host supper club events for a couple of months now and every night has been really amazing. I have a feeling their Queens Night party will be insane. Party starts at 24:00 and ends at 04:00, cover is 15 euros.




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