Yummy Video Update

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Maangchi’s Gapshida video is finally up! Enjoy :).

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What to do when food is no good

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I have spent the last month in Berlin taking advantage of their cheap and tasty culinary establishments. I also went a little crazy eating out since this activity in Amsterdam almost always results in a disappointing experience. Sorry Amsterdam, I love you but your food SUCKS. It’s the truth. Entrees are extremely overpriced, the service is bad, and it can be difficult finding really lekker food. That said, I have had the opportunity this past year to really learn how to cook food that I crave since I can’t go out and find it in this city.

Here are two food blogs I love since they fulfill my spicy to extra spicy food cravings.

I love maangchi! I want her to be my Korean aunt who lives next door and feeds me everyday. I have already made Soondubu three times since discovering her site.

If you’re looking for Korean/Japanese ingredients, Shilla is the best! The mini grocery store is located just north of Amstelveen. They have everything and I think it is a bit more affordable than the stores on Zeedijk.

Homesick Texan is another really great food blog. I miss Texan meals all the time since I moved to Europe and she has some amazing Tex-Mex recipes and even Chicken Fried Steak for all you southerners!


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