Voyage à Paris

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A spontaneous trip. An adventurous ride with a Dutch trucker and 14 hours of hitchhiking later, we finally made it to beautiful Paris! I never desired to see this city, the allure of romance and history never really appealed to me. I came with low expectations and left filing this little trip as one of the best holidays I’ve ever experienced. Maybe it was because I was there with some really cool people, or maybe Paris is all that it’s cracked up to be.

Now, 8 months later we finished editing the footage from our trip. Music by Arun Sood, and the sexy French voice is Julie Fraysse.

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Augmented Reality in Rembrandtplein

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Here is a really interesting augmented reality video displayed in the rembrandtplein.

There’s a problem in The Netherlands that public service employees face aggression and violence, and witnesses do nothing to help or stop the situation. This PSA holds a mirror up to the people on the street, showing them onscreen (as people do love to look at themselves), but with a little help of a scene previously filmed against bluescreen background, they find that they are now in a scene where paramedics face violence, and they play the part of the onlookers who don’t intervene when the paramedics need help.

Augmented reality PSA in Amsterdam Rembrandtplein mirrors peoples behaviour
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Amsterdam Acoustics

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Amsterdam Acoustics is a really cool music video website where they film “intimate acoustic sessions with Amsterdam as a filmic background.” Reminds me of Vincent Moon’s Takeaway shows. Here are two of my favorites.

Amsterdam Acoustics – Avant La Lettre : No Procedure That Fits from Mokummercials on Vimeo.

Avant La Lettre

Amsterdam Acoustics – Dead Pixels – When The Lights Go out from Mokummercials on Vimeo.

Dead Pixels

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